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Classes are currently suspended because of the Coronavirus. Stay safe! Any further announcements will appear here.

Each week I will be putting free follow-along class videos on my Vimeo channel. All videos can be downloaded to your device, for offline use. Uploaded videos are currently being replaced by ones with a louder sound track (shown by L in the filename).

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Posture and Flexibility
(also called Stretch Therapy) is a stretch programme that aims to increase suppleness, tone the muscles, and relax the body.
Posture and Flexibility  includes exercises for strength, flexibility, and mindfulness. It helps to maintain a healthy and responsive body that is able to flourish in a natural way; it also aims to increase the awareness of body sense and body alignment, and to reduce stress and refresh the spirit.

In the Posture and Flexibility Stretch class, after an initial period of focussing and warm-up, we work round the body, stretching and strengthening each part, with emphasis on the flexiblity and core strength needed to preserve and enhance the musculo-skeletal health of the body, and in particular of the spine. The class ends with a progressive relaxation.

During the class, there is an emphasis on correct form, which not only helps to ensure safety, but enhances body awareness and maximises mindfulness. These skills are valuable for maximising physical and psychological health.

Tuesday evening Posture and Flexibility stretch class in Sherwood/Graceville is similar to a hatha yoga class, including elements from the Posture and Flexibility (Stretch Therapy) programme (see more...). The Power Stretch for Splits class is targeted at those wanting to develop their flexibility to the maximum, with the particular goal of achieving the splits (this course is now completed - watch this space for future courses (see more...)

I am also available for private stretch classes in my studio in Graceville, specialising in stretches for performers, including splits and deep backbends, suitable for dancers, aerialists, contortionists, and others.

Go to class pages:  Posture and Flexibility Stretch class (Sherwood/Graceville) page, and Power Stretch for Splits page.

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My interests in yoga, dance, and contortion: see links in side panel or go to www.jimpflex.com.au/otherlife

My work in hearing: http://www.jimpflex.com.au/hearing/

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