Below is a list of errata (i.e. those that change the meaning).

A list of typographical errors can be found here (23 Aug 2008). I would be glad to hear of any further errata or typos.

Errata found so far: (23 Aug 2008)

P. 6, line, 3 lines from bottom: "sine" should be "square" (04 Aug 2008)

P. 14, caption to Fig. 2.3. The first sentence should start: "The efficiency of power transfer from the external sound field to the middle ear in two species..." (i.e. not from the ear canal to the middle ear in two species...). See also Note to P. 14, Fig. 2.3. for further details. (12 Aug 2008)

P. 44, Fig. 3.14A: the solid line marked "9 p.m." should be dashed (i.e. dotted) as noted in the Figure caption. A corrected figure can be downloaded (pdf, 167 kB, 600 dpi) and if printed at 100% size will exactly fit over the figure in the book (23 Aug 2008)

P. 58, Section 3.4.1, para. 2 line7: for "sinusoid" read "sigmoid" (23 Aug 2008)

P. 64, Section, para. 2 line 5: for "sinusoidal" read "sigmoidal" (23 Aug 2008)

P. 187, Fig. 6.21, the squares on the left of the figure labelled CN and LSO should be filled blank, not grey. A replacement figure can be downloaded (pdf, 217 kB, 600 dpi) and if printed at 100% size will exactly fit over the figure in the book (04 Aug 2008)

P. 199, Line 4: for "less monotonic" read "more monotonic" (23 Aug 2008).

P. 296, Fig. 9.13: panel B is labelled "A"
(23 Aug 2008)

P. 335, Section 10.5.3, line 1: for "mammalian supporting could..." read "mammalian supporting cells could..." (23 Aug 2008)

P. 336, line 9: for "auditory brain response.." read "auditory brainstem response..."
(23 Aug 2008)

I am grateful to Katrin Krumbholz, who was reviewing the book for the International Journal of Audiology, for alerting me to many of the errata and typos.

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